Sunday, March 6, 2016

[Pre-order] Rare Limited Edition Takara Tomy 30th Anniversary Jenny Excelina Doll From Japan

Never Been Open Brand New In Box Rare Takara Tomy 30th Anniversary Jenny Doll From Japan

Pre-order only. Stocks are very limited.

Product description:

Jenny 30th anniversary items appeared! Limited to 500 pieces! Doll with three dresses. Luxury spec enhancement is small.

Coloring is the first launched Excel green type. We have prepared especially for you hair color and design.

In the image of Victorian Antique Doll dresses and hairstyles, enjoyed dress with attached coat and nightwear.

Included commemorative items as a message of the Blue Bird (w/cage). Hair is silky tone to enhance your Saran, Aeon of Toyo colon-like texture.

Set Includes: Jenny exerina body (pink, pink hats, socks, underwear, earrings and ring worn), Blue Coat, blue hat, Hat case, nightwear, hairband, country boots (tied), shoebox, Jenny stands, bird cages, bird

Price Tag: $ 450/-

Item is very limited and rare, so full payment must be made out front.

World Wide courier service is available. Self collect to save on shipping or pay for registered mail.

For more information, please contact or visit or

* All price tag is in Singapore Dollars

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