Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A gentle Blythe with a mastery of tea, Neo Blythe Lady Camellia illustrations are here!

I was just leaving to go to tea ceremony practice. The stillness, the centering of oneself is truly enjoyable. Tsubaki flowers, beautifully arranged in an elegant flower pot, along with hand-made ceramic tea bowls. It’s almost as if during this moment, time stops. Happiness fills my heart during the tea ceremony.

With a Japonesque flair, Lady Camillia is here! Wearing a traditional kimono with added shine, this modern take gives this Blythe a stylish look never before seen. The obi is checkered and tied in a bow, lace attached to the collar, and the pink under layer is decorated to the T with a stripe along the waist and lace lining along the sleeve.

Her accessories include a ribbon with flower decorations, gingham check socks, and wooden sandals with a classy red strap.

Her hairstyle is straight and long with bangs, colored a unique dark, brownish purple mix. Her eyeshadow is brown, and her cheeks and lips are pink. Her front facing eye chips include a special light blue color. Her face type is radiance+, and her face color is cream.

*The illustration is a design concept and is subject to change. 

 Release Date: April 2016

[In Stock] NIB Licca Playsets and More! Book Now Stocks Are Limited!

Brand New In Packaging Never Been Licca Doll Playsets And More, Now Available! 

All outfit listed will fit Blythe Dolls as well, except for available Licca Playsets. Suitable for 3 years & above. 

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Friday, February 5, 2016

[Pre-order] Exclusive 2014 Neo Blythe "Bianca Pearl" Doll New in Box From Japan

Never Been Opened New In Box Exclusive Neo Blythe Bianca Pearl 2014 Doll

A blushing bride like in a romantic foreign film, Bianca Pearl is ready for her big day.

We will reveal the design details through a series of posts focusing on the different design points. This first post will focus on gorgeous dress of Bianca Pearl. 

The lovely wedding dress is perfect for a romantic girl like Bianca. The chiffon and lace layers show her flair for the nostalgic and romantic looks. 

The long floral lace skirt is overlaid with fine chiffon over skirt. The overskirt is split at the middle of the bodice to show a lovely peek of the delicate lace blow. The bustle of the dress is gathered chiffon, making a grand silhouette. There are elegant flower motifs around the bodice and waist of the dress.

She has a long veil to wear to her wedding in the chapel and then alternate soft hat to wear to her reception party. She wears long chiffon gloves with pearl white strap shoes.

After our first design detail post about the glorious wedding dress of Bianca, we return with detailed information about the hair and make up of this special Blythe! Bianca Pearl's hair is a special brown tinted purple, which is a new color! She has long hair in a loose perm with a center part.

She has a special matte skin with snow white coloring. There is a slight blush of pink around her eyes with a slight gradient of dark brown. This advanced makeup look give the feel of a real blended makeup. Her eyelashes and eyelid moulding are special brown. Her cheeks are salmon pink to complement her skin and hair color.

Her likes are very special with a dark upper lip and lighter lower lip to give her expression more depth. She has all 4 special eye chip colors of yellow green, light blue, light purple and light greent. She has Radiance + face mould. She has a silver colored wedding ring pull ring. Her stand is pearl white. 

Face Type: Radiance + 
Skin Color: Snow with matte face 
Makeup: Dark brown and pink eyeshadow, salmon pink lips and blush. 
Eye color: Light blue, light purple, light green, and yellow green. 
Eyelid: Brown 
Lashes: Special light brown lashes 
Hair color: New Light brown and purple 
Earrings: Pearl Manicure: Pink 

Set includes: Doll, dress, veil, hat, gloves, shoes, necklaces, earrings, underpants and stand. 

Release Date: September 26, 2014 

Price Tag: SGD $1000/-

This is an exclusive doll, so full payment must be made out front.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

[Pre-order] NIB Licca Doll Licca chan House Grand Dream from Japan

Product is 100% authentic and NIB from Japan.

Furnitures and twin pet dogs, Lime and Lemon, are included, so you can play right away. Stairs changes into a slide.  This house is full of surprises that will keep you entertained for hours.

1) Batteries sold separately. Product requires two AAA-size alkaline batteries.
2) Dolls and some accessories sold seperately. 

For age 3 years and above. 

Weight: 4.926kgs 
Package Size: 20cm x 80cm x 49cm
Manufactured by: Takara Tomy
Release Date: Thursday 26 April, 2012 

Price Tag: SGD $280/-

This a pre-order item, so full payment must be made out front. 

World Wide courier service is available. Self collect to save on shipping or pay for registered mail.

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* All price tags is in Singapore Dollars

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just The Two Of Us

Jenny and Jeff's romantic time together....

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Takara Jenny Making New Years Greeting in Pink Kimono! 新年おめでとうございます!

Takara Jenny Wishers Everybody a Happy Chinese New Year 2016!

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Pretty 1/6 Scale Fashion Doll Bathroom!

A very beautiful claw-foot tub sits right in the middle of the room making everything around it looks so elegant. A small wooden shelf on the left corner of the room is stock up with all sorts of nice smelling things, like bath salts to perfumes and etc... On it, are the usual stuff everybody need to get dolled up. 

This room is filled with so many things that catches the eye! Even the small little cozy sitting space on the right side of the room is so pretty.

Watch Takara Jenny get ready for her bubble bath! Click here!

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Bubble Bath!

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