Friday, March 4, 2016

[Pre-order] Limited Edition 2012 11th Anniversary Red Delicious Neo Blythe Doll New in Box From Japan

Never Been Opened New In Box Limited Edition 2012 11th Anniversary Red Delicious Neo Blythe Doll

Pre-order only.

Neo Blythe "Red Delicious" is here to make fairytales come true. Her name comes from the most juicy, shiny and red variety of apples, the Red Delicious! She's so fresh an gorgeous you'll want to take a bite right out of her. Red Delicious is to celebrate Blythe's 11th anniversary so she has many special design points!

Her dress has an avant-garde twist, the shortened hem in the front references a bite taken out of an apple. The bodice is made from a lovely tartan check and ties with a black satin ribbon for the halter neck. The body of the skirt is made of chiffon, with soft tulle underneath to add body to the shape.

We have considered each angle of the dress to give it an attractive silhouette from each side. Her green velvet bow hair accessory gives you an image of leaves at the top of an apple. The lovely green color accents her rich dark brown and red hair.

Her faux-fur shawl has delicate details of lace, black ribbon and tiny accent button. She wears gold lame knee high socks with a new style of black "lace-up" boots. Her look is completed with an adorable basket with faux fur and gorgeous ribbon.

True to the theme of Snow White, "Red Delicious" has a special sleepy eye detail.

Pull the string at the back to make her eyes sleep, like our lovely princess after she takes a bite of the enchanted apple. Her eyes have special hologram glitter and some special colors. Her make up was carefully chosen to compliment her style. She has special long, black eyelashes that brings out her gorgeous features.

Face Type: Radiance 
Skin Type: Cream Makeup: Eyeshadow: Yellow Green, Lip and Blush: Rose Pink
Eye Colors: Light Blue (special color), Blue (with hologram), Brown (with hologram), Olive Green (special color) 
Eyelashes: Special Black Eyelashes 
Eyelid: Special Warm Green color, with sleepy eye function 
Hair: 50/50 mix of dark brown and red tea 
Earrings: Red Gold tone post earrings Manicure: Rose Pink

The Set Includes: Doll, gown, shawl, petticoat, ribbon hairband, earrings, basket, socks, boots, underwear, and stand.

Price Tag: $ 1300/-

This is a limited edition and vintage doll, so full payment must be made out front.

World Wide courier service is available. Self collect to save on shipping or pay for registered mail.

* All price tag is in Singapore Dollars

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