Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Doll Products Available At Playscale Magic's Carousell Page

Hi Playscale Magic Fans and Customers,

Sorry for not updating my blog site, due to personal reasons. If you were trying to contact me and could not reach me by e-mail, please log in to your Facebook, search for Playscale Magic and leave me a message. I try my best to reply a.s.a.p.

Just a quick update, I will not be uploading my blog with items for sale that are listed on Playscale Magic's Carousell Page. All product updates will be listed on my Facebook page / instagram with immediate effect.

Playscale Magic's blog will only feature Art / Crafts / Photography / Videos / Personal collections and contirbutions by our artists. Please keep rooting for us and we will try to bring more exciting exchange knowledge for your pleasure!

Best Regards,
Playscale Magic

For more information, please contact or visit or

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